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Make your songs eligible to be used in TV, films, games, apps and many other forms of licensing. We'll search for placements and you could earn money in a new way.

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Unlock your songs' potential. Your music could soon be the soundtrack to your favorite show or game! Allow it to be used in the lucrative world of music licensing. 

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BandLab Licensing's mission is to work with top music supervisors to place your songs in TV shows, movies, online videos, commercials, games, and the latest cutting-edge licensing opportunities.

We're proud to build upon the success of ReverbNation, our sister company at BandLab Technologies, which has licensed songs with:

Placements Via ReverbNation Sync Licensing
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"The licensing program helped me realize my dream of getting music in video games and on TV. My wife and I jumped on the bed when we heard my song 'God Knows' on an episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown."
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Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle)
  • What is BandLab Licensing and why should I register interest?

    BandLab Licensing is a program that allows us to help our users license, represent, and earn from their music.

    We source placements of your music in many settings, from traditional TV or film sync placements to advertisements to usage in gaming or metaverse contexts to usage in other new forms of licensing like user-generated content.
  • Is my music being considered in the program?

    After being accepted into BandLab Licensing, BandLab will handle all of the negotiations and licensing on a pre-cleared basis to sign off on placements on your behalf.

    You'll be informed of a license after it has been completed, but we'll always strive to inform you of higher-profile placements of your music so that you can get the full promotional benefit of being heard on a Netflix show, for example.
  • How do I work with BandLab Licensing for music licensing projects?

    BandLab Licensing is open for business with the music supervisor and broader music licensing community. The BandLab team is here to work with you to surface the ideal artist and song for your licensing needs.

    Reach out 
    and let's work together!